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"You can make a difference. Your voice matters and as your delegate, Ronald McDaniel Jr will ensure that it's heard!"


My Story

Ronald is running for State Delegate District 27A because he believes in providing a quality education for our children while also providing the necessary safety needed in our schools. 

"As a youth mentor in Charlotte, NC and now in Clinton, MD, I believe in building the next generation to be successful and to one day step up and make change in their community."

Ronald felt the need to give back to his country after the horrific events of 9/11. As a current Army officer and IraqWar veteran, Ronald is passionate about making sure that our veterans receive the best care possible and sustainable benefits for the rest of their lives.

Growing up in Baltimore, Ronald understood from an early age the concept of giving back and helping others. Among the many important issues he looks to fight for is women's rights and healthcare. "When I see the attacks on the rights of women in this country by men in leadership everyday, I am compelled to make sure that institutions that provide healthcare, training and benefits for our women are protected and increased."