Ronald McDaniel Jr. believes that meaningful access to education is a fundamental civil right, and he is fighting to ensure all Maryland children have access to a high quality public education. In Maryland, the right to a public education is properly enshrined in our state’s Constitution. As a community leader, however, Ronald has seen too many of our children denied this right through no fault of their own, depriving them of the tools to succeed in school and in life. An increase to teacher salaries will ensure that students are being taught by well involved, quality teachers. Ronald believes that investing in education, after school programs and summer programs is a surefire way to ensure that children grow up prepared for 21st century jobs and helps children become productive and contributing members of the community. It is also the most cost-effective way to reduce crime.


America’s veterans have made every sacrifice to protect our country. Although we can never fully repay the debt we owe them, it is our duty as a nation to fulfill our commitments to them. As an Army Officer and Iraq War Veteran, Ronald McDaniel Jr will work hard to ensure that veterans receive the compensation, health care, educational opportunities and employment assistance they deserve. He will fight to increase the veterans’ health budget and make it a priority to pass a new bill that increases state veteran benefits for all servicemen and increase educational benefits so all of our veterans can attend college and thrive in the civilian workforce.


Ronald McDaniel Jr. is devoted to the restoration and protection of the Chesapeake Bay in the United States.  In the 1970s, the Chesapeake Bay was found to contain one of the planet's first identified marine dead zones, where waters were so depleted of oxygen that they were unable to support life, resulting in massive fish kills. Today the Bay's dead zones are estimated to kill 75,000 tons of bottom-dwelling clams and worms each year, weakening the base of the estuary's food chain and robbing the blue crab in particular of a primary food source. Ronald looks to pull together efforts of federal, state and local governments, working in partnership through the Chesapeake Bay Program, and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and other nonprofit environmental groups, to restore and maintain the current water quality.



Maryland currently runs the country's only all-payer hospital rate setting system, under which facilities in the state are paid the same amount by all government and private health insurers. Since the state legislature established the all-payer model in 1971, the cost of a hospital admission has plummeted, the financial stability of the state's hospitals has improved, and Maryland has seen the lowest markup of charges compared to costs in the U.S. As your delegate, Ronald McDaniel Jr. will ensure that your premiums do not go up and that anyone with preexisting conditions, will be able to receive the most affordable and quality healthcare.